Furnished accommodations for government and military assignments

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Our furnished rentals are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of government and military personnel, providing not just a place to stay, but a safe haven away from home.

Specialized accommodations for your convenience

Flexibility for assignment lengths

Whether it’s a short-term detail or a longer deployment, our housing options offer the flexibility needed to match the duration of your assignment. Discover how our leasing terms accommodate the dynamic nature of government and military work.
Pearl Modern Suite

Standard Suite Amenities

Premium Linens and Bedding
24-7 Dedicated Support
24/7 Support
Super Fast WIFI
Super Fast WiFi
Fully Equipped Kitchens
Fully Equipped Kitchens
Bathroom Amenities
Bathroom Amenities
Professional Cleaning
Professional Cleaning

Who choose our furnished rentals?

Ready to secure housing that meets the specific needs of your assignment? Contact us today to explore your options and find the perfect accommodation. Let us take care of the details. 

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