Versatile furnished property rentals catering to a wide range of industries.

With over 15 years of experience in the accommodations industry, we specialize in managing furnished vacation rentals, ensuring both stakeholders and guests receive unparalleled service and value.

Industries we serve

Corporate and Business

Companies often rent furnished properties for employees on temporary assignments, training, or for those relocating. It provides a more comfortable and homelike environment than a hotel.
Janion Oasis
Romeo and Juliet Suite


Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and medical staff, who may be on temporary assignments, residencies, or attending conferences, often utilize furnished rentals.


Faculty, visiting professors, researchers, and students, especially international or graduate students, might opt for furnished rentals for short-term or semester-long stays.

Jukebox Oasis

Entertainment and Media:

The entertainment industry, including film, television, and theater, uses furnished rentals for cast and crew during shoots or tours.

Construction and Engineering

Workers and professionals in these fields often need temporary housing when working on projects away from their home base.

The Falls Gallery Suite - Corporate Rental

Government and Military

Furnished rentals can serve government and military personnel who are on temporary duty or relocating for assignments.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

With the rise of remote work, tech companies sometimes provide furnished rentals for employees on temporary projects, team retreats, or for those relocating.

Pearl Modern Suite

Tourism and Travel

While not a traditional industry in this context, tourists and travelers often seek furnished rentals for longer stays, offering a more local and personalized experience compared to hotels.

Real Estate and Relocations

Homebuyers who are in the process of moving or waiting for their new home to be ready often use furnished rentals as a temporary solution.

Who Choose Us?

Our collaborations span numerous leading property management companies throughout North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Having witnessed the vacation rental industry’s growth from its very beginning, we possess a deep reservoir of experience that informs our understanding of what constitutes a truly valuable vacation rental for both guests and property partners. 

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