Are you impacted by the new STR legislation in BC?

Iris Properties provides solutions for property owners and investors in British Columbia.

Fully Licensed And Regulated

As a licensed property management company, we adhere to a stricter set of rules and undergo rigorous financial and industry scrutiny. Our goal is to transform the ambiguous landscape of furnished rentals from grey to black and white, ensuring clarity and confidence for our clients.

Innovative Leasing Strategies

We specialize in crafting creative leasing solutions. Unlike traditional property management, we leverage residential tenancy agreements to offer fixed-term leases tailored for corporate clients seeking furnished rentals for periods of 30 days to 12-months on fixed term leases. 

Robust Solutions For STR Investors Impacted By the Legislation

Transitioning from short-term rentals (STRs) to more stable corporate and medium to long-term furnished rentals can secure your investment properties. This shift provides a reliable cash flow and potential tax benefits under the more conventional 30-night minimum rental framework, helping you navigate through uncertain market conditions.

Tailored Accommodations for Corporate Clients

Our extensive experience and growing network in industries like healthcare, film, construction, government, and private business enable us to offer bespoke accommodation solutions. With increasing brand recognition, more corporate clients are turning to us to fulfill their specific lodging needs for durations less than 90 days.

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